Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Congressman Ellzey received advance notice that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved six grants for airports in Cherokee, Ellis, Anderson, Navarro, and Hill Counties.

The Airport Infrastructure Grant (AIG) program helps allocate funding for airport-related projects in local communities to improve runways, taxiways, safety and sustainability projects, as well as terminal, airport-transit connections and roadway projects.

"As a former fighter pilot, I understand the vital role that local airports play in our communities and the broader economic landscape," said Ellzey. "Just as I once relied on the infrastructure that supported my missions, I recognize the critical need for well-maintained and modernized local airports. Securing funding for these airports is not just about enhancing aviation capabilities; it's an investment in our community's connectivity, economic growth, and safety. I am committed to advocating for the resources to ensure that our local airports continue to serve as hubs of opportunity, supporting our communities' present and future needs."