Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. —  The National Defense Authorization Act authorizes $886.3 billion for national defense, funds over $2 billion in service chief and combatant commander priorities left unfunded by the President’s budget, and saves the taxpayer $40 billion on current defense spending levels.

“The primary job of any government, whether that be local, state, or federal is the protection of her citizen,” said Ellzey. “Today, with the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act, we are ensuring that our military focuses on the care and lethality of our troops and no longer on ideological teaching that impede our ability to protect the United States.” Ellzey continued, “This bill shows that responsible spending works. The NDAA was crafted for mission effectiveness. We provided the largest pay raise for our service members in 20 years and sent a clear message to our adversaries that our nation’s military remains strong, all while saving the American taxpayer 5% on current military spending.”

Key provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act:

  • Authorizes a 5.2 percent military pay increase;
  • Requires the DoD to report on its support provided to DHS at the border and provides $25 million over the president’s request for the National Guard to work with local law enforcement to disrupt production and trafficking of illicit drugs like fentanyl;
  • Repeals the position of the Chief Diversity Officer for the Department of Defense ;
  • Prohibits funding for teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the military;
  • Protects and helps reinstate  servicemembers who were discharged due to refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine;
  • Blocks the administration from reducing the size of the Navy and expands capacity of U.S. nuclear forces;
  • Works to track and prevent Chinese Communist Party (CCP) espionage within the homeland;
  • Reaffirms U.S. support of Taiwan and fully funds military exercises with our allies and partners in the Pacific; and
  • Encourages and enhances U.S. security cooperation with Israel.