Press Releases

WASHINGTON — Today, Congressman Ellzey joined his colleagues in passing H.R. 5585 – Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act

H.R. 5585 gives law enforcement authorities the necessary tools to fully prosecute and punish criminals who intentionally fail to yield to Border Patrol agents and law enforcement officials assisting the Border Patrol. It provides immigration authorities with the tools to punish aliens who endanger American communities by intentionally evading Border Patrol agents and conforms to the pattern of other grounds of inadmissibility and removability in existing law by not requiring a conviction. At the same time, it disincentivizes individuals from evading Border Patrol and decreases the number of dangerous high-speed chases. 

“The number one job of any government is the protection of her citizens,” said Ellzey, “Right now, the federal government and this administration are failing. The House has done our job. It's time for the President to do his.”